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Data Protection

Data Protection has become the integral part of every organization. The intellectual property of any business resides in its data and companies have become vigilant about data security policies and have made efforts to secure data to the maximum extent.

Our Data Protection services include:


Umbrella's Data Protection solutions help ensure that all organizations meet confidentiality and security standards. It involves best practices that comply with HIPPA's Security Rule, that ensures your data is securely and reliably backed up on a routine basis and that your backed up data will be readily available in the event you have a system failure or other form of data loss. With Umbrella security is the prime objective and we ensure that with our set standards thus giving you complete peace of mind. We take care of all aspects of Data Protection that involves avoiding multiple touch points and ensuring single window implementation of the Security Policies.

We ensure Data protection with the following set of rules

  • Industry leading data recovery success rates.
  • Our data recovery services are recommended by major hard drive manufacturers.
  • Simple, straight-forward, and accurate price quotes. No deceptive pricing, multiple thousand dollar price ranges, or bait and switch quotes.
  • Using our unique file viewer application, you will see a tree-structure of all recovered files and be able to make an informed decision of whether or not we were successful in recovering your data.
  • All engineering and data recovery performed by our direct partners' technicians in-house at our Madison, WI facility.
  • Strict privacy and security policies reviewed by independent third-party security review boards.
  • All employees are background checked, screened, and trained to protect your privacy.
  • We will make sure you never experience data loss again. Utilizing years of experience in data recovery, we have created a unique remote backup solution.
  • Checking the health of the Backup
  • Constant improvements in data access policies, reducing touch points which are not required.
  • Fast turnaround time in moments of need.

Umbrella IT solutions Inc. is best suited for your Data Protection as they ensure peace of mind with minimum business impact and higher productivity.