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Email Protection

Umbrella IT Solutions Inc offers wide range of email protection services to ensure that your emails are safe, accessible and well protected.

Filtering the viruses
There are times when you have to face various problems due to virus attacking your emails. Sometimes even your reputation and the image of the company is hampered due to viruses. Umbrella's Email protection service is the best way to keep all the virus issues at bay. We immensely save you time, money and reputation by offering the customized virus filtering process. Instead of resolving the issue after it takes a destructive shape, we proactively use advanced virus filtering measures to find and destroy the virus before it enters your computer or laptop. We take the safe route - keep all the suspicious material far off from your network and mails.

Email backup and recovery
There is no need for you to panic if your mail server is under maintenance or goes down for some time. We offer the right backup! Least assured, your emails will be safely backed up and be available for restoration at any time. When your server starts running, then all your mails are delivered in efficient and effective manner. So, you are safe from any emails bouncing while you face momentary glitches and problems in your network.

Spam management
Umbrella offers secure spam filtering solutions with a cent percent accuracy rate. Our multilayered and integrated spam fighting techniques quarantines and/or tags the spam to keep your inbox junk free.

Our email protection service makes sure that none of users has been accidentally spammed, or you are not unknowingly sending any virus.

Using the right technique and medium, we make sure to provide you the suitable email protection so that your sole focus remains on your business instead of potential headaches.