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Remote IT Support

Umbrella IT Solutions, Inc. defines Remote Support as the single point contact for all IT related problems for the clients. We leverage the most secure remote experience and technologies of the industry to offer cost advantages and process efficiency.

The process of solving the IT issues is exemplary with quick turnaround solutions, from concept to service delivery blended with certainty of schedule, quality and cost.

The Remote IT Support Boston's center of Umbrella is well organized with the latest remote management tools, proficient and skilled IT specialists and multi-tiered Help Desk Support structure. The Remote support management team immediately assesses and directs the issues to the right support tier for instant and appropriate action.

Tier 1 - End User Support

An efficient help desk is a beautiful thing. Due to our well-trained staff and a solid escalation process in our Remote IT Support solutions, help desk became the most valuable asset to us and our clients. We clearly understand that if our help desk is inefficient, our clients will suffer and we will lose them.

Umbrella's IT experts provide cost effectiveness and operational efficiencies through end user support and resolve all issues relating to mobile devices, printers, workstation disk cleanup, spyware/virus, common workstation applications and any form of errors.

Tier 2 - Network and Server Support

  • This support service includes domain controllers, backups, Remote Access, mobile devices troubles, Routers and Firewalls issues and backups hassles.

Tier 3 - Specialist Support

Specialist support cover Advanced Micros, advanced networking infrastructure, server issues or disk errors, UPS/power problems, Cisco, blackberry or Linux / Unix related troubles.

Unparalleled by a set standard of customer services, commitment of the technical staff, extraordinary technical efficiency, rapid response and excellent client relationship, Umbrella is a trusted and reliable provider of Remote IT Support. Boston's office of our organization is located here.

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