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Most businesses are familiar with standard "break-fix" models that IT companies utilize. Generally, it comes down to a "reactive" approach for addressing your IT issues. For example, if an office manager discovers that the server is down, he/she immediately calls the designated IT company, relying on their prompt response time. As we can see from this scenario, the downtime of your business directly depends on how quick your IT Management's company will "react" to the initial call. Another major drawback is the uncontrolled cost of running your company.

But how can you be in control of your IT costs? Is there a way to prevent disasters from happening before they occur?

Umbrella IT Solutions successfully provides Proactive Managed Services technology. This approach of IT Management provides a wide range of benefits to our clients. Let’s identify four compelling services that comprise a “killer” Managed Services offering:

#1 Network Monitoring

As part of our managed services solutions, we utilize Network Monitoring tools for one basic purpose – providing Proactive Alerting of problems that can affect the normal operation of critical device or service. For instance, we will be able to know ahead of time if CPU utilization is high on your SQL Server, and for how long. We will receive an alert when disk space has dropped below specific threshold or when a backup job has failed. Besides your desktops and laptops, we will also monitor your Printing Devices, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Devices, DNS Services and much more.

#2 Remote Help Desk Support

An efficient help desk is a beautiful thing. Due to our well-trained staff and a solid escalation process in our managed services solutions, help desk became the most valuable asset to us and our clients. We clearly understand that if our help desk is inefficient, our clients will suffer and we will lose them.

#3 Vendor Management

Wouldn’t it be great if your office manager wouldn’t have to deal with a phone, broadband or, say, network printer vendors? How much time do you spend managing them? Most of our clients take advantage of our vendor management service that is designed to increase uptime of their business.

#4 Flat Monthly Fee

Between your own time and money spent managing your vendors and IT related issues, it is hard to forecast coming expenses. Worst of all, these expenses do not get any smaller. Take your IT Management expenses under control. Umbrella IT Solutions will build a package that suits your business for one flat monthly fee.

Upon complete cost analysis, we will illustrate how to cut your expenses by taking advantage of our Proactive Managed Services solution.

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