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Virtualization solutions

You should constantly demand a healthy up-to-date environment from your systems. If your IT personnel spend most of their time worrying about the capacity issues, uptime and security, they won't be supportive enough to drive innovation. What you actually require is virtualization solutions that designed to optimize your technology resources through Desktop Management and Server Virtualization.

Virtual machines are not simply objects to manipulate, but actual computers with real workloads. Managing them just like we manage our physical systems is imperative. By using Umbrella's comprehensive set of integrated management tools, you can keep complexity at a minimum and streamline operations. A common management environment reduces training, ensures uniform policy application and simplifies maintenance by leveraging your existing software, personnel, and most importantly, your existing IT management process


  • Manages the entire lifecycle of the IT infrastructure from a single console
  • Integrates management of both physical and virtual systems, from the hardware to the workload
  • Allows IT Manager to dynamically create and optimize workloads for virtualization

Umbrella IT Solutions, Inc offers the following virtualization solutions to small businesses as well as established enterprises:

Desktop Management

Desktop Virtualization offers a broad portfolio of solutions that empower companies to choose the technologies that best address their unique business and IT challenges while preserving their existing IT investments. Umbrella delivers desktop virtualization offerings for a wide range of situations - from always connected workers to those requiring more flexibility such as mobile workers. For connected workers, through our partners such as Microsoft and Citrix, we deliver a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that allows organizations to centrally manage desktops in the datacenter while providing a personalized desktop experience for end users

Server Virtualization

We help you in reducing your IT costs while maintaining full control. With the right IT strategies and plan, we increase server utilization, reduce cost by consolidation of hardware and automation of your virtual infrastructure for optimum performance and productivity.

  • Manage Workload in a simple and proper way which makes it easier for your IT department to focus on the key priorities of your business.
  • Optimize Delivery of the services in a manner wherein the applications can promptly respond to demands of your business.
  • Automate processes to decrease the cost of the management and enhance the execution consistency of the key tasks.
  • Consolidate resources with the right virtualization technologies to increase the overall efficiency of the tasks and reduce the costs.

Learn more about our virtualization solutions which shall help you to be more competitive, optimize the product/service delivery and integrate your service management with the ever changing technology standards of your business.